Cold weekend

by Waterman981  

Saturday morning the power went out. When it went out, it looks like it took the furnace out with it. The house didn't get too cold until Saturday night, so I started investigating exactly what is wrong. The furnace uses an electric heating element to light the gas. That element isn't working. I don't know if it's the element itself, or the switch that turns it on, but that's where the fault lies.

So Sunday I left the furnace on (I had already turned the gas off) to circulate the air around the house, hoping to keep it warmer. It was 62 degrees in the morning. It stayed there pretty much all day, and I went up to Katie's house for dinner that night, so I didn't get too cold. When I got home I piled the blankets on my bed, and slept nice and warmly. This morning I woke up early for work, so I had a bit of time. I manually lit the furnace, and warmed the house up for the first time in days. When I left I turned the gas back off, leaving the fan going. Tonight I'll do the same.

The newly engaged...time apart?

by ktanne  

So Mike proposed to me on Saturday and on Sunday I had to pack for a work trip. Leaving so soon after becoming the future Mrs. Johnson was really, really hard! I believe I even whined.

The trip was long and...long. But I made it back in one piece and Mike and I got to spend some quality time together.

For those of you who want to know "The Story"... Mike had texted me earlier in the day to see what my plans were, I told him I was going shopping with my sisters and that our dinner plans (with friends) had been canceled due to unforeseen events.

I found out later that while I was shopping he drove up to my house and asked my dad for my hand :)

He then told me that we were going to hang out with his friend Jason that night. When he picked me up we went out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe (note: the chef salad at Mimi's is gigantic...I swear they use an entire head of lettuce). Then we started heading back up to Jason's house. We were playing with his MP3 player in the car and after what seemed like a long time, I was about to ask Mike if he had missed Jason's house when he said, hmmm...I missed Jason's house. Then he kept going I asked him if he just didn't want to turn around, but he said that we weren't in a hurry so we'd take the scenic route. He pulled into the parking lot of the Bountiful Temple and said "I thought we could talk"

Then he told me he loved me and a few other personal (and wonderful) things then he asked me to marry him. I teared up, said yes four times (punctuated with kisses of course) and put the gorgeous ring on my finger. After that we just sat there talking for a minute. Then he drove me all over to tell all my family members that we were engaged. (except Ashley, Skylar, Patrick and Kira who were all down in Orem...sorry guys! But I did call them.) He's such a good man!

The next day we had the chance to officially announce it to his mom and sister (and brother-in-law and niece and nephew). It was great. I'm really excited and I just can't wait. :)

Three down!

by Waterman981  

I got through the first 3 movies last night. That just leaves the last 3. Fortunately our original plan to see the new movie on Friday night has been scrapped. So we'll probably go see it on Saturday, leaving more time to finish up the last 3 movies with Katie.

Preparing for Potter

by Waterman981  

So I just realized this morning that I should refresh myself on Harry Potter before the movie this weekend. Tonight then, the plan is to rush home, and start at number 1. Hopefully I can get 1-3 done tonight, then I just have to some how convince Katie to watch 4-6 with me tomorrow.

Dum da da dum

by ktanne  

It's official! Saturday night Mike proposed to me. (I said yes) :)

How it was done

by Waterman981  

So I guess everyone wants to know how it was done.

Saturday I was over at Eric's shop to fix a flat tire. Katie texted me to let me know our plans for the evening were canceled. That made that night a prime opportunity, but I had to come up with something quick.

I decided I'd try a little misdirection. I told her that I had talked with Jason, and he was up for playing games that night. That provided the reason for me to pick her up. When we left her house I told her that Jason wouldn't be picking up his friend until later, so we could just go get dinner ourselves. It must have been a dance night as just about everywhere was packed.

After dinner we headed back up to "Jason's". We were talking about music, and so I was playing with my empeg. That gave me the reason to drive by Jason's house, and later say wait a sec, I missed it. When I had missed it she became suspicious. I then went pretty corny and stopped in front of the Bountiful Temple. I said some private words, that will be special to us, and popped the question. Fortunately I think what ended up coming out of my mouth was perfect, and had much more meaning than any of the other actions that night.

After a lot of kissing and saying yes, we went off so she could announce it to her family.

It's official!

by Waterman981  

Tonight I proposed to Katie.

(She said yes.)

The Ring

by Waterman981  

Today I got a call at work that Katie's ring was ready. Right after I got off I ran over and picked it up. After I got home I was gazing at it, when I noticed that the jeweler screwed up. The order of the sapphires is wrong on one side. So tomorrow I'll take it back... we'll see how long it takes to fix. :(

Edit: I took it in at lunch, and it was ready by 6 pm!

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