by Waterman981  

Today we put in the base irrigation pipes for the garden. First we dug 45 feet of trench to lay the pipe in. Then I assembeled it as we wanted. And finally filled it in. Put to words it doesn't sound like much, but took most of the day. That night… more »

Next up, building a garden

by Waterman981  

This last weekend was a busy one. We began the process of building a garden. So quick back ground... at the beginning of the year Katie was asked when she'll be taking vacation. She randomly picked some days, and said the 25th & 26th so we can build… more »

Cockpit bases are mostly done

by Waterman981  

Today I built the bases for the cockpit. I started off with a 2x4 structure. Then added 1x4's of nicer wood around the outside of that. Then I just had to put a skin on the sides. Unfortunately I only had that crappy wood, so it's not super great.… more »

Main dash is finished!

by Waterman981  

Tonight I put two coats of black on the dash, then after it dried mounted everything up and took it for a spin. I currently have it just sitting on a table until I get the bases done. more »

Main dash is almost done

by Waterman981  

I'm almost there! more »

Cockpit progress

by Waterman981  

Flight Sim cockpit!

by Waterman981  

As some of you may have heard over the last year I've been doing a lot of flight simulation. It started when Microsoft released Flight. The best part of that game was the multiplayer, as I found a whole group of people to fly with. Eventually Microso… more »

More Cute Pictures of the Bug

by ktanne  

In keeping with the purpose of this blog, here are more adorable picture of the bug. more »

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