BOGO on HD DVD's @ BestBuy

by Waterman981  

Confirmed!! There IS a Buy 1 get 1 free sale next week (12/16-12/22) on the following titles (Bold ones I really want! ;)):
The Bourne Ultimatum HD-DVD
Blades Of Glory HD-DVD
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry HD-DVD
Knocked Up: Unrated HD-DVD
Disturbia HD-DDVD
Mr. Bean’s Holiday HD-DVD
Shrek The Third HD-DVD
Evan Almighty HD-DVD (Already have)
Transformers HD-DVD (Already have)
Harry Potter & Order Of The Phoenix HD-DVD >>>> $32.99
The Departed HD-DVD >>>> $34.99
Shooter HD-DVD >>>> $34.99
Ocean’s Thirteen HD-DVD >>>> $34.99 (Already have)
300 HD-DVD >>>> $34.99 (Already have)

Re-uploading pictures takes time!

by Waterman981  

I started uploading pictures. It's definitely going to take a bit of time.

But I know I'm missing some pictures that some of you uploaded. If you want to re-upload them (and I hope you do especially if I was there) let me know and I will set up a new gallery account for you.

People I know off the top of my head who had uploaded stuff:

What is the worst possible thing that can happen to a web server?

by Waterman981  

The hard drive totally crashing. :(

Yup the old drive is now in the trash. I was able to get off most of my web site, but not the photo gallery. :(

So one of these days I'll re-install it and upload the pictures again.

The worst thing is that it was also my email server! :O So I now need to rebuild that part, and hope I can get it restored perfectly.

I'm also thinking I need to get me a RAID card. And put this OS on a RAID 1 Mirror. Yeah, that might be good.

Yet another DVD deal!

by Waterman981  

Here I am... posting DVD deals again!

Amazon is having a sale on Universal Studios HD DVD's. $15.99 each, which is a pretty good price for HD DVD's.

To save ya time, the ones I would want are:
Meet the Parents
Van Helsing
Happy Gilmore
and Billy Madison

Shop away! :D

Marker is now up.

by Waterman981  

Over 6 months later, and my Dad's marker was placed today. It looks good. If you're ever in the neighborhood stop by and take a look.

Also of interest... the grass is greener in that spot than anywhere else in the cemetery.

Another DVD deal.

by Waterman981 has 20% off with coupon: 20offsale and it IS reusable. Coupon good through November 21st. This is NOT usable on pre-orders. I've never ordered from these guys, so I can't say what their prices are like.

I also found a list of codes for DeepDiscount. Usually you can only use a code once, so if you need to do a second order these should work. Note this list is not verified! These are the usual codes, and they usually always work. But no guarantees!

DD1109 - Confirmed code

Help on shopping for HD DVD's

by Waterman981  

This is mostly to my family, unless some of my friends want to buy me HD DVD's too. ;)

Usually Amazon has some of the best prices for HD DVD's, but for Warner Brothers movies there is usually a coupon to get them for cheap direct from WB!

For example you can get each of the Harry Potter movies for $17.21 using coupon code NVBM, which is good until November 30th. Great deal! (Please note the 1-5 giftset is not on my ideas list since they are all in cardboard sleeves, rather than plastic keep cases)

UPDATE! DeepDiscount is getting ready to hold their annual 20% off sale! It starts November 9th, and goes through November 25th. This will not work on pre-orders, but it will work on all DVD's and HD DVD's. (And books, CD's, Bookcases, etc.)

Last time it was 20% off one purchase, so be sure to put everything you want on one order!

The code for this sale is:DD1109

Broken forum

by Waterman981  

So it looks like the forum is kinda broken. I did an upgrade a couple days ago but I guess it didn't run very smooth. I'll look at fixing it tonight.

edit, 7pm... ok it's fixed. post away!

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