Pretty Ferrari!

by Waterman981  

Today on the drive home I followed a Ferrari F430 down Wasatch. That was a pretty car.

Oh yeah, some ideas of Christmas gifts are posted for my family that wants to get their shopping done early.

See what I mean!

by Waterman981  

Fall is the lamest season! From the snow not even lasting 24 hours and now we are in the 70's. Lame. Maybe we'll end up with snow again this weekend, and hopefully it will stick!

Let it Snow!

by Waterman981  

Fall is my least favorite season, but I always love Winter! Yay for snow! :D

On the edge.

by Waterman981  

So with my hiring as a 3M employee I've had to switch from weekly pay to monthly. 3 1/2 days until I get paid. I'm running low. On the edge of being completely broke. Only 3 1/2 more days.

It will be mine!

by Waterman981  

It will be mine! Oh yes it will be mine! Then Movie night at my place!

(Hopefully at the beginning of December... if not then January)

The reasons for this one:
LED Light engine (No bulb to replace every 5 years, no color wheel)
15 pin VGA input. (computer)

All moved down now!

by Waterman981  

Man... I have a ton of junk! And I didn't have the time I wanted to go through it in advance. But now it's all moved downstairs. So I have tonight and tomorrow to go through the junk, and organize it before the movie night!

Almost moved down

by Waterman981  

Well, I got my stereo stuff set up, last night I moved my computer downstairs, so all that is left is the bed, clothes, and junk. Tonight I am hoping to get the last of Drew & Holly's stuff moved into the room across the hall before Bond-ing. Maybe even move matresses. We'll see!

Here's an awesome MS Paint of the main room!

Happy Birthday.

by Waterman981  

Today would have been my dad's 54th birthday. I've been thinking a lot more about him lately. I almost wonder if really his death did hit me hardest of all my family.

Well, Happy Birthday dad!

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