Moving to the Basement

by Waterman981  

So my Mom was feeling uneasy about having people she doesn't know in the basement. I told her I was willing to pay $500/mo rent starting in Oct (due to new pay periods), and would pay $300/mo towards my dad's old bike & shoes. So that puts me here though Christmas, which I think will be a good thing anyway, and I'll still be able to prepare to buy a house.

Before I move down I need to run another network cable, and tv cable. Hopefully I can do that this weekend.

Re-financed the LT-R

by Waterman981  

So today at lunch I ran over to the bank and re-financed my LT-R. I was pleasantly surprised at a few things.

My credit score. Much higher than I thought. I thought I was below 700. Nope! Things look good for buying a condo or house in a couple months!

Interest rate. I was upside down, so they had to increase it to compensate for that, but I walked away at 10.25% Not 7.something% if I wasn't upside down, but not the 17%+ (and it's the + that is scary as it was variable) from HSBC.

So yay! The quad is refinanced... I did 60 months just in case I need the lower payment, but that will be $207. And my tax return will take a huge chunk of that out! :)

You can stream the Live Earth show!

by Waterman981  

I just saw on MSN you can go back and watch any of the performances. Everyone must watch Spinal Tap's 3 songs...

Check them all out through here:

Live Earth

by Waterman981  

Ok, I watched Live Earth for one reason, and one reason only.... SPINAL TAP!!!


Right before them was Metallica. Here are the notes I gotted down:
Sad but True
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman

Nigel says "Hello Wimbledon!" (they're at Wembley)

two dwarfs bring out the pillars... graffiti, no top piece
David on the phone

top piece came down after the dwarfs left with the columns... during "where are they now"

Derek holds up zucchini - "This is what the earth can do!"

New song "for our favorite planet, not Jupiter, not the moon" (Warmer than Hell)

every bass player "in the known universe" comes out... everyone plays bass (David St. Hubbins)

big bottom!
all of Metallica (playing bass) Like 30 bass players on stage playing!

taking turns soloing

Ok, so that was seriously cool! Awesome morning for entertainment! I wake up to The Tour de France, then watch Metallica and Spinal Tap perform live over the web. I will have to get the DVD just for Tap's performance!


by Waterman981  

My mom was asking me for a few ideas for my them for my birthday:

Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society: Limited Edition - Link isn't working but you can pick it up at Best Buy -
Any Lifehouse CD's
Any Rush CD's

If I get any others throughout the day I'll update this post.

broken email

by Waterman981  

The DNS for my email has become broken. If you needed to email me just do it at hotmail.

Edit: Looks like I broke the server itself. Weird. Anyhow it's now fixed. Yay! (Not that it mattered to anyone who reads this.)

Lagoon Day

by Waterman981  

So yesterday was Lagoon Day for 3M. I originally wasn't going to go. Then Eric told me it was his parents' stake Lagoon day as well, and they were already planning on going. So I decided to go.

There were 3 new coasters since I last went. The Bat, The Spider, and Wicked. Of them all... Wicked was by far the coolest. It was, well... Wicked! The Spider was pretty cool as well. We ended up going down backwards which was crazy! I ended up riding every coaster except Jet Star 2. Not bad. And ended up being a fun day.

What's an appendix worth?

by Waterman981  

Well, according to Intermountain Health Care it's worth about $8,929.35 removed. So since it's apparently worth more removed should I have asked for it in a jar? ;)

Now to see how much insurance will pay...

1 ... 35 36 37 ...38 ... 40 ...42 ...43 44 45 ... 66