The Nursery is Stalled

by ktanne  

For those of you waiting with bated breath to see the pictures of the finished nursery, we have bad news. It might be a while. Sadly, upon applying the 'final' coat of white paint to the bead board, we realized that we used the wrong silicone to fill in the gaps. We've been frustrated, disappointed, and down-right pissed all last week trying to figure out how to remedy the situation. We've tried scraping and peeling it off, which has not worked. We tried ignoring it, which also didn't work. Now we are going to try to put a thin layer of paintable caulk on top of the non-paintable silicone. Honestly, if it doesn't work we'll just have to live with it, but neither of us is very happy with that scenario. So wish us the best of luck, and the energy to try again.

One step left!

by Waterman981  

We're about at the end. So no pictures for two reasons, to hold of the suspense of the final reveal, and two, not much interesting happened last night. When we got home Katie immediately got to work, while I cooked dinner. By the time dinner was done she had completely finished filling all the holes. After dinner she took at nap while I finished siliconing all the seams. Once it dries, the bead board is ready for paint! Katie wanted to get a bit extra done so she quickly finished painting the closet. We're going to take a night off tonight, and will be with family tomorrow, so the final painting should be on Monday. Stay tuned!


by Waterman981  

Tonight we got a later start. After getting home I first had to cook dinner (Salmon and grilled vegetables), before we could start. Katie worked on filling the nail holes, while I started applying silicone to the seams and corners. At 9PM I decided we needed to call it quits for the night, so we didn't quite finish.

Since I don't have many pictures, here's the results of my spraying the first coat on the bead board, along with a first coat on the trim.

Chair rail up!

by Waterman981  

Tonight when we got home I immediately started on the chair rail. I finished cutting all the pieces I would need, and dry fit them to ensure proper fit. Next Katie came in and helped me level them out as I nailed them in. I got to use my finish nailer, which worked great! We got all of them hung quickly.

The last thing I needed to do was trim out the corners. I took out my dremel tool to carve out a bit of the base boards for the trim to slip into. Once it's all siliconed and painted it will look great!

Bead board is done!

by Waterman981  

Tonight we got home and I got to work. I started cutting the last of the bead board. After all my pieces were cut we did a marathon to hang them. One, then the next, then the next. Katie electrocuted herself again. It actually went really quick.

After that I wanted to get some of the trim cut, so I measured the one that would be cut short and made that 45 degree cut. I also cut another quickie that would be full length, but just need 45's on both ends.

It's starting to come along much quicker, and I can see the finish line. Tomorrow I'll try to finish the chair rail, then will be some corner trim, putting silicone in the gaps, and filling the nail holes, followed by a last coat of paint.

And Katie adds: "P.S. we still have to finish the missed spots in the *)(@#$ closet! (Don't ever paint a closet)"

2nd Saturday working on the nursery

by Waterman981  

2nd Saturday working on the nursery

Time for the complex stuff. I started measuring and cutting the bead board. We found out quickly that our base trim was not very level. Oh well, we'll do the best we can! So we started applying it. Liquid Nails on the back, some brad nails in the front. It was nice to be able to use my new nail guns, the brad nailer worked great! It was during this time Katie electrocuted herself. That got me a little concerned about what I may do to the boy, but he was moving around later in the day.

We kept working. I would measure and cut, then call in Katie to help glue and hold it, while I nailed it in. We got about 1/3 of the way done and ran out of glue. It was time for another Home Depot run.

This one we knew would be bad. Another gallon of paint, glue, other small needed tools, and the chair rail. Another expensive trip, hopefully the last one.

When we got home I started work on the chair rail while Katie took a nap. What I did was route out the bottom to fit flush over the bead board, and against the wall at the same time. Basically to look like this:


So I took each board and ran it over the table router a couple times to get the depth I wanted. It worked perfectly!

Once I was done I took them all downstairs and sprayed them with a first coat of paint. Back upstairs I hung a couple more sheets of bead board, and called it a night.
(cell phone pic)

Nursery again...

by Waterman981  

Yesterday we did some errands to get ready for the weekend. First we stopped at Sears over lunch to pick up a router table I bought. Second stop was after work at my moms house to grab my dad's old router. Went home and I mounted them together, perfect fit! We then did a bit more painting. I had gone to far with the blue in some spots and hit the ceiling, so Katie covered those up. She also finished the window casing, and the closet frame. I got more of the bead board painted, along with the other side of the closet doors.

Tonight was more errands than painting. We ran over to Katie's parent's house to borrow her dad's jig saw. I didn't think about it when we were at my mom's to borrow hers. That was alright though as we also borrowed his miter saw for some trim cutting. After picking them up we went out to dinner with them then headed home. I did get the last of the bead board coated with a single coat of paint.

More Nursery build

by Waterman981  

After taking the day off the nursery yesterday, we went back to it today. First step was a Home Depot run. We picked up an extra gallon of white paint, and got our bead board for the bottom of the room. At 4'x8' sheets, they wouldn't fit in either of our vehicles, so we had a worker there cut them exactly in half for us. The first one was way off, with one board being about an inch longer than the other, but the rest were fine. We ended up with 10 sheets 4' by 4'. We squeezed them into the back of Katie's Outback and headed home.

Once home I began painting downstairs, while Katie painted in the nursery. I got out the sprayer and started applying a first coat of paint to each of the boards, as well as painting the closet doors white to match the rest of the room. Katie continued in the closet but it was slow going. After I was done I brought up the sprayer to use in the closet. We masked off all the carpet in the closet, and I started spraying. It went so much quicker and better than rolling & brushing. Some quick back rolling and it was mostly done. It does look like I missed some spots, so we'll have to hit those again later.

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