What a day!

by Waterman981  

Today was our trip to the dunes. Eric, Steven, Jason and I went. We left about 7 am to make for a nice long day. We arrived at the dunes to find they were covered in a thin layer of snow. Our only accident happened early unfortunately. Steven was riding the red Polaris down a small incline when it gave way under him, sending him and the machine rolling. He was shaken up, but all right. The machine was in worse shape. The handlebars were bent down, the brake lever broke off, and the rear rack was really bent down. Eric and Steven were able to pull the bars back up, but of course the machine wasn't the same with no brake lever! It was really too bad because the red machine was the donut machine!! It had a flat rear right tire, and the steering was messed up from a previous machine, so it would donut to the right like no other! The rest of the day was uneventful, but we got plenty of video footage so we will make a small highlight video for the trip. Some of the best times were busting through the cornices of snow that had formed instead of razorbacks, and our follow the leader on the trails on the side of the Sand Mountain.

Time for wheeling!

by Waterman981  

Today was a simple preparation and clean up day. After work Tony came over and helped me clean up my basement from the day before. Then I went to Eric's where we got ready for our trip tomorrow. It's gonna be fun!

LAN Parties Rule!!!

by Waterman981  

Today was the day! I had a lot of fun and am grateful to those who were able to come! I'm sorry some of you didn't have the best experience playing, maybe another time. So people started showing up just before noon, and we didn't have much difficulty getting set up. I never got the server running better, my old motherboard doesn't like Tony's old CPU. BUT running at 700MHz, doing just conquest maps, it worked great! I think our problems were due to playing co-op maps, where the server had to compute the AI for the computer players. Like I said, it was a lot of fun. I can't wait until the next one. It will probably be at Rich's house, in a couple of months (hopefully sooner!!). In the mean time, I think I would like to start a mailing list for LAN parties. It will be located on the new LAN Parties link on the main menu.

Computers can really suck!

by Waterman981  

Tonight I started getting ready for the LAN party. I shoveled the back entrance so we don't have to disturb my parents all day. (Note: Everyone coming to the party, we will need to unload your equipment, then move your cars to the elementary school's parking lot. Everyone needs to go around back (the latch on the gate is tricky!) to the basement entrance. We will help you bring your equipment in.) I transplanted a computer so I can clock it up to what it should be. I installed a new drive in another computer and loaded XP on it, which is where all my troubles began! The computer right now will not play Battlefield 1942 at all! Whether single player, or on the LAN, it would quit to the desktop every time. It did this in W2K as well, and talking with Tony, we think it may be the video card (ATI Radeon 7000). So tomorrow I will change it out to a 7200, and see if that helps. Otherwise, I'm not sure. Its a new CPU, 640MB RAM... Sometimes troubleshooting can be the biggest pain in the neck!!!

Tony and I also were testing the network. We had this server, and 5 machines (including the one mentioned above), and they all saw the game. Tony and I swapped CPU's to help us both out (his 2600 was only running at 1700 speed, so he's using my 2100). We noticed that the game would get very jumpy. I'm thinking maybe we better not have the dedicated server. The server is only a Duron 700 (1.25GB RAM). Running W2K3, with IIS running takes up quite a bit of its power. It's just not going to be fast enough. The plan will be to use one of the spare computers until the people who don't have one come. We will find a way!

Blah! Inventory!

by Waterman981  

Well today we had inventory at Macey's. One of the guys who was supposed to be there was stuck in California, after his flight was cancelled. There were 3 other guys there and we finished counting at about 8pm. We left after adding it all up at 9:30. Not too bad, 6 hours total.

Eric wanted another match of Risk tonight. Yesterday I was at his place until 2:30 in a 5 hour game of the LOTR version. Tonight it was just him and I and I was winning when we decided to call it. Woo Hoo!! While I was there Natalie saw the preview for Steve's piece on 4-wheeling on a budget for At Your Leisure. This is the one we taped on our last trip out to the dunes in October! So I get to be on TV (unless Steve cut me out!). According to the promo, it will be on Saturday, January 3rd, at 11:05 pm on channel 4. So be sure to watch. It will be TiVo'ed for next years DVD. Plus I am going to hit up Steve for the footage.

Things are looking good for the LAN party. By my count I have 16 possible. Here is a list of people attending. If you want to come, or you have a friend you want to bring, email me the details, especially if they have a computer of their own to bring. I have gotten some drinks and chips already, and am thinking if everyone can donate $5, it will cover the snacks I get, and allow for some pizza as well. As of now, the game will be Battlefield 1942, patched to 1.5, using Desert Combat .6. So if you have that preloaded, it will mean we get to play sooner!

Photo's up again!

by Waterman981  

I got my the photo gallery running again! I am in the process of uploading my pictures back up and hope to soon have everything back! If you would like an album on my site, just email me and I will let you know.

It is snowing like crazy out today. Eric told me he almost didn't make it out of his driveway to get to work! I just went out at 4pm, and we have 18 inches so far! I'm loving it! We need this snow so badly. It hasn't stopped snowing all day. I'm glad I didn't have to work today that's for sure! Although I am getting stir crazy! I do want to get out of the house, hopefully soon to give Eric and Cliff their gifts. Better late than never!

Today is also Chelsey Macey's birthday! Happy Birthday Chels!

Merry Christmas!

by Waterman981  

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a fun safe holiday. We were able to meet up with Drew online for a few chats. Read the chat transcript here!

4-Wheeling Video

by Waterman981  

Well, the 4-wheeling DVD is finally done. If you want a copy please email me. Due to costs of media, I am asking for $5 for personal delivery, $7 shipped. Be sure to tell me if you need DVD+R or DVD-R!

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