Day Four...No Diet Coke

by ktanne  

I know, I know...of all the things that have happened in the last three weeks I choose to blog about how cranky I am?


It is offically day four of no diet coke/no soda pop adventure. I am dying! (Not literally of course, but figuratively.) I am cranky and sleepy. I challenge anyone who sits at a desk for 8 to 9 hours of their day to make it through a single day with no help. No bubbly, carmel colored, caffinated help. :(

I miss my Diet Coke.

The "Love Grotto" is coming together!

by Waterman981  

Two of the first things Katie wanted to get set up were the kitchen and the bathroom. I think the bathroom is done, and the kitchen is really close. One of the biggest improvements to the kitchen was some cabinets. My co-workers gave us a generous gift card to Home Depot where the cabinets we wanted were. We picked up four pieces. Two base cabinets, a pantry, and a counter top. Check out the before and after.


Tomorrow is the day.

by Waterman981  

Wow...  After months of planning and preparation, tomorrow is the day.  It came up super fast, making me start to get anxious.  Was I ready to leave the single life behind?  I think fortunately tonight my last bit of anxiousness has gone away.  We did a rehearsal, and it seemed like others were more panicked than us.  We were trying to be the calm ones. It was that fear of change that made me anxious. But now I don't think the change will affect me much. Definitely not for bad, only good change.

So, tomorrow is the day. I need to pack, and run back to the tux shop as my shirt is a bit small. Plenty to do tomorrow during my last hours as a bachelor. So when I post again... well I'll still be Mr. Johnson, but a different man. Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow!

The Wedding

by ktanne  

Well the wedding is just 8 days away now. I'm super excited! Apparently there was some confusion and those of you logging on to the blog to RSVP have had trouble. You can just send us an email at and we'll get it. Also for those of you that don't know how to get to the Wight is a map:

See you all there... I'll be the one in the big white dress up front :)

Crazy Eyes!

by Waterman981  

Crazy Eyes!

Going to the Optometrist is always fun. The thing I like about mine is he does a full eye check every year, checking the health of my eyes (Something Lens Crafters does not do). One unfortunate part of that is dilating my eyes. This results of course in increased light sensitivity and, you are unable to focus close up. So driving home I couldn't read my dash at all. I just had to wing it. At least it doesn't affect focusing at a distance.

Three Weeks

by ktanne  

Can you believe it...all the work and the pain of planning a wedding and we're down to three weeks! I, for one, am super glad that were are mostly done with the wedding planning. I know I haven't written much about the planning, mostly I think because I was frustrated and I would rather post positive things, but trust me when I tell you there was stress, more than a few tears, some late nights, and checklists...oh my, the checklists! Now, we have a few things to do still, like bridal pictures and paying for a few things, but mostly we just have to wait. :D It will be so nice not stressing about stuff for the next three weeks! Now comes the wedding showers and the bachelor parties. I'm super grateful for everyone who wanted to a) throw me a shower and b) come to a shower and support my marriage to Michael. I am in awe of how many people care about us! I will be attempting thank you cards, but it'll probably take some time so I'd like to say to everyone here and now...

I really appreciate all of you.

Latest Work Trip

by ktanne  

I travel for work, quite a bit actually, and this week was no exception. I went to Michigan, an area near Detroit and an area in the northern part of the state next to Lake Michgan, then ended up in the northeastern part of Indiana. It was cold. In fact on Thursday morning I got out to my car turned it on, and saw this:

Yep, there was a windchill factor of -20 too. I was not looking forward to the day. And although it was really, really cold it was also pretty...

The trip was made even better by the fact that I got a Kindle right before I left. (Thanks for the Christmas money Mom and Dad!) This thing is FANTASTIC! I love it. I read three books and played a scrabble like game during my flights (and I stayed up late one night reading the Goose Girl, because it was super good) and it only took up one little slim space in my bag.

It is so much easier to read than I ever expected, it's as restfull to your eyes as reading an actual page is. If you love reading, I highly recommend picking one up!

Goodbye "Man-cave." Hello "Love Grotto"!

by Waterman981  

Over the last week I've been going through my computer room, cleaning, organizing, and throwing stuff away. In total I will have taken 14 desktop PC's/cases, 4 CRT monitors, and 3 large boxes full of electronics to be recycled.

Last night was the big move. Jason arrived first, and we started in the computer room. We took apart my old desk, moved it out, and vacuumed the room. Next we took apart the new corner desk. This was much more involved as due to the hutch, we had to switch things around. We almost took it completely apart, took a break to have some pizza that Katie brought over, then reassembled it in reverse order in the computer room. As we were finishing up, Eric arrived to help. We finished up that desk, and moved it into position.

The major item that I needed help with was done. Next was the TV. Pulled it off the base, then removed all the components. We moved the TV stand over, and I started hooking everything back up. Steve arrived, and Jason had to leave. I went back to hooking stuff up. My current configuration is a nightmare. Once the cables were all done, we put the TV back on, and checked it out. One mix-up on cabling that was quickly straightened out, and everything was good.

The final bit of moving was a shelf thing up to my moms room, the love seat down from the upstairs den, and a recliner into that den. Steve and Eric knocked them out pretty quick, and all was done! Huge thanks again to Jason, Eric, and Steve for coming over to help!

Slowly but surely this is turning away from my bachelor "mancave", and into what my mother called... "The Love Grotto!"

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