This hits home for me.

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I'm so sick of wedding stuff!

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In hindsight... we definitely should have just gone to Vegas.

Saturday we both got so burned out. We started out going to the reception center in Bountiful at 10 AM. Told them our colors, picked a menu on the fly as we totally spaced coming up with one, and made all the other final decisions regarding them. 1 hour and I was burnt out.

After finishing that up with our mothers, we all went to Cafe Rio for lunch. It was there that my mom said the most unexpected thing. She said that the basement is currently the bachelor pad, and will soon become the "love grotto". Katie and I were not expecting that. So now we're going to get a sign or cross stitch made that says that.

After lunch, we parted with our mothers, and stopped off at Costco to check on the time to print all our invitations, then we drove down to Provo to pick up the RAW engagement pictures. Katie ran and got them while I was chatting with Tony. We stopped at her sister's house on the way back up and dropped off music for her husband to make a playlist for the reception.

We were pretty beat by this time, so we just went back to my place. I looked over the RAW's, and found that we only got one disc of them. The disc with the pictures we are planning to use wasn't there, instead it was a mislabeled Windows 7 disc. I was mad. So much run around with the photographer. I slammed my fist against my desk in frustration. Katie went and sat down on the couch.

After slamming the desk, I took a few breaths, and got up to check on Katie. It was the first time she had seen me mad, and it scared her a bit. I comforted her, made sure she knew I was absolutely not mad at her, just frustrated with the photographer.

All the stress from wedding stuff had been building and building all day, and it had gotten to both of us. We decided it was time to eat, and relax for the rest of the night. While she ate some left over Olive Garden, I emailed our photographer, and politely explained the situation. I set up an FTP site for them, and asked if they would upload the two photos we needed. Within a few hours they replied, and did get the photos uploaded. It was such a relief to get them, as we need to send out our invitations this next Saturday.

Katie and I relaxed for the rest of the night, which was nice.

We should have just gone to Vegas.

Best of luck!

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Best of luck to Tony & Chelsey in their lawsuit. Hopefully you can get it resolved satisfactorily, so that you aren't worried about the future. Sending good vibes!

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Engagement Photos

by ktanne  

Engagement Photos

Michael and I got access to some of our engagement pictures today. I think they turned out pretty well!
Here's a teaser for you &#59;) Enjoy.

Why do I feel dirty?

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Yesterday I was tagged in 4 photos on Facebook. I wanted to check them out, as some people post stupid stuff. Everything looked fine, so no worries.

Now I don't use Facebook. I don't like Facebook. I had considered it a necessary evil to have an account.

So since I was there I figured I better change my "relationship status". I then kept getting email after email from Facebook on the change. Each time I felt dirtier and dirtier. My dislike for Facebook has turned from dislike to hate.

So I just deleted my account. So I guess it doesn't delete for 2 weeks, so if you think you can change my mind, go for it.

Engagement pictures are done!

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Yesterday Katie and I met with our photographer and got our Engagement pictures done. We took them at Wheeler Farm. They should be cool, I'm excited to see them.

Elf You!

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Unfortunately this video has been pulled for the year. :(

Christmas List

by ktanne  

Here is my Christmas List in no particular order for those of you who wanted it &#59;)

  • The Charlie Brown Holiday movies on blu-ray
  • A Light progression alarm clock
  • Portable satellite radio (XM or some such)
  • I would also like a small video camera (such as the Flip [or whatever you research as being better than the Filp]) to capture everyday moments.
  • Philips electric tooth brush
  • Psych Season 4 (DVD)
  • Any book you loved when you read it.
  • Fuzzy warm socks to wear around the house.
  • A curved shower curtain rod.
  • Good moisturizing lotions (pick light simple scents like apple or grapefruit or just go for unscented)
  • I'm also a fan of gift cards (Fashion Bug, any book store, ikea, or visa)
  • Serif Digital scrapbook Artist 2.0 (or better, if you'd like :) )
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener.

I'll add updates as I think of things, but you should know I'm pretty easy to please. :)

Ok, one more thing

I have always loved this pendant though I need at least a 20" chain.


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