Christmas List

    Wed Dec 01, 2010 13:50

    Here is my Christmas List in no particular order for those of you who wanted it &#59;)

    • The Charlie Brown Holiday movies on blu-ray
    • A Light progression alarm clock
    • Portable satellite radio (XM or some such)
    • I would also like a small video camera (such as the Flip [or whatever you research as being better than the Filp]) to capture everyday moments.
    • Philips electric tooth brush
    • Psych Season 4 (DVD)
    • Any book you loved when you read it.
    • Fuzzy warm socks to wear around the house.
    • A curved shower curtain rod.
    • Good moisturizing lotions (pick light simple scents like apple or grapefruit or just go for unscented)
    • I'm also a fan of gift cards (Fashion Bug, any book store, ikea, or visa)
    • Serif Digital scrapbook Artist 2.0 (or better, if you'd like :) )
    • Electric Pencil Sharpener.

    I'll add updates as I think of things, but you should know I'm pretty easy to please. :)

    Ok, one more thing

    I have always loved this pendant though I need at least a 20" chain.


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